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Our web design portfolio includes client websites from companies here in New Braunfels as well as a few personal projects we've linked to (some may still be in progress). Click on our case study links to learn more about our web consultation process and the value we can create for your business.

Our personal projects are also listed below to be used as design inspirations and as ways to showcase potential web application features you may want integrated or built for your site.

The Water Bar is known for its 10+ pH alkaline water and their amazing customer service. The Water Bar offers 2 self-service disinfecting cleaning stations, 6 self-service alkaline water filling stations, 2 self-service reverse-osmosis water stations, crystal clear ice, and a semi-monthly delivery service for residential and commercial. The store sells reusable water bottles, 2 gallon water containers, 5 gallon water jugs, and premium water dispensers for home and office. The Water Bar is the only alkaline water delivery service in New Braunfels, TX.
The Water Bar
Wix Website Builder & JavaScript
The Networking Professionals of New Braunfels (NPNB) is a group of industry exclusive professionals that meet weekly to help grow each others business through referrals. The purpose of NPNB is to establish and operate an organization that will provide a network of industry exclusive business professionals focused on complete customer satisfaction and to help local businesses grow organically through the referral process. Its members are active participants in the organization, all with a common business interest.
Networking Professionals of New Braunfels
Wix Website Builder, CMS, JavaScript
Searching for a new career can be difficult, and we understand that. Project Career Path was created to help visualize career advice in a different way. You won't find any personality quizzes here to match you with your dream career, nor will you see the use of A.I. & machine learning techniques to scape the web into creating auto generated career summaries. We take the time to craft each career path profile into a digestible, easy-to-follow workflow with just the right amount of information.
Project Career Path
Wix & JavaScript
Cover photo for an online movie database

Coursework Project:
Movie Database Search App

Web app made with React.js & Node.js

Cover photo for online furniture store

Coursework Project:
Furniture Store

Made with HTML, CSS, & jQuery

Cover photo for book a hotel online

Course Project:
Fictional hotel

Made with HTML, CSS, & jQuery