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Case Study:

Alkaline Water Store

The Water Bar

Logo of The Water Bar

Client Background

The Water Bar is known for its 10+ pH alkaline water and their amazing customer service. The Water Bar offers 2 self-service disinfecting cleaning stations, 6 self-service alkaline water filling stations, 2 self-service reverse-osmosis water stations, crystal clear ice, and a semi-monthly delivery service for residential and commercial. The store sells reusable water bottles, 2 gallon water containers, 5 gallon water jugs, and premium water dispensers for home and office. The Water Bar is the only alkaline water delivery service in New Braunfels, TX.

The Challenge

As a start-up in 2020, The Water Bar competed against 5 local competitors in the alkaline water business who all had years of established online and offline presences in New Braunfels. The number of local businesses mentioned (5) does not include any "purified" (non-alkaline) water refill stations usually found at convenience stores, strip malls, and parking lots (i.e. Walmart, H-E-B, etc.) The challenge was to help The Water Bar build a digital image in a competitive and growing market that converts potential customers into buyers through building trust online while achieving high ranking search results. According to Census.Gov, New Braunfels has grown over 20,000 residents since 2018; a 24% population increase over 5 years. (From 84,659 residents in 2018 to 104,707 current residents in 2023.)

Our Approach

The Water Bar required a full website consultation for their brick & mortar store (and delivery service); this included web design, development, hosting, domain registration, copywriting, photography, digital graphics, and SEO. Using their logo as a starting point, we created a custom theme that built off of their first-class in-store customer experience. After completing competitive analyses, we took time to visit competitor locations to see how we could better highlight The Water Bar's strengths. When developing the site, we focused on The Water Bar's best-in-town 10+ pH alkaline water by crafting a custom design with a feeling of healthy, easy, and clean, while spotlighting the store's user-friendly water filling stations for self-serve customers. We incorporated submission forms and user-friendly click funnels to increase inbound leads for water delivery services, and along the way we severely increased their search rankings within the first year through technical SEO.

The Results

Currently, The Water Bar receives multiple inbound leads per month through their website, and they have been an ongoing full-service client since 2020. Initially after launching, The Water Bar website was registering on pages 4 and 5 of Google Search results for keyword phrases related to “alkaline water in new Braunfels” (equivalent to results 40 to 59). Local SEO was a huge focus once we had a digital footprint, and it still is as we monitor ranking reports constantly. The Water Bar ranks 1st locally on 5 keyword variations of “alkaline water New Braunfels” on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo; they are also ranked in the top 5, top 10, and top 20 for related keyword searches in nearby cities (Seguin, San Antonio, etc.). TheWaterBarTX.com is still ranked number 1 in many searches as of May 2023.