Case Study:

Alkaline Water Store

The Water Bar

Client Background

About The Water Bar: If you’re looking for the best tasting alkaline water in New Braunfels, TX then you’ve come to the right place. Our water originates from the Central Texas river system, and we are passionate about engineering the greatest tasting & most hydrating alkaline drinking water possible. You can depend on us for fair prices and impeccable services. We offer a self-service disinfecting cleaning station, 8 self-service alkaline water filling stations, and a semi-monthly home delivery water service. The only alkaline water delivery service in town!

The Challenge

When The Water Bar opened in 2020 in New Braunfels, the local community was growing beyond its 85,000+ resident mark, but locally there were 5 alkaline water stores already established; each with a web presence. The number of local stores listed above does not include any "purified" water refill stations (non-alkaline) such as grocery stores or stand-alone water & ice kiosk usually found in parking lots. As of 2022, New Braunfels' estimated population is around 96,000. The goal and challenge was to help The Water Bar, a start-up founded in the middle of the pandemic, build a digital image that converts potential customers into buyers by building trust while also achieving high ranking search results for the local area.

Our Approach

The Water Bar required a full website consultation for their store that included web design, hosting, domain registration, copywriting, photography, digital graphics, and SEO. We used their logo as a starting point for creating a theme and then built off of their first-class in-store customer experience. We highlighted the store's best-in-town 10+ pH alkaline water by creating a custom designed theme that focused on a feeling of healthy, revitalizing, clean, and easy. A complete list of details of our approach included Wix website builder, Wix hosting & domains, customized website design layout, in-house photography for products & store images, Envato Elements for digital graphics, creative online branding & styling, and a 4-week SEO optimization campaign.

The Results

After initially launching the site, The Water Bar was registering on pages 4 and 5 of Google Search results for keyword phrases around “alkaline water in new Braunfels” (equivalent to results 40 to 59). After a 1-month SEO campaign, Qwix was able to rank The Water Bar as 1st in all “alkaline water New Braunfels” keyword variations on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. is still ranked number 1 as of Summer 2022.